and Welcome to the new and improved "unofficial" Corvallis High School web site.

Just as a reminder, this site is NOT connected to 509j or any part of the Corvallis School district. It is an independent effort by former students of CHS, who objected to the other reunion websites that are charging membership fees just so that you can send email to your friends.

News to report, is that I have moved the site to a new hosting company. Same rate as before, only better server software, a better company, and a little more space for us to grow into. It should also offer better load times, and less "hiccups" than the old hosting company.

A few people mentioned to me privately that they wish they still had or could get CHS T-shirts or other CHS merchandise. I spoke with the good folks at 5O9J, and the State and it seems that they didn't mind if I opened a store. So, a store has been opened. It you find something you like, feel free to buy. If you don't find something you like, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do about getting it there. Any money collected will be put to the small costs of site up-keep (currently $50.00 per year), and then donated to the CHS student body.

Another change to mention is if anyone is worried, concerned, or bothered about having their personal email address posted on the site, I now offer email redirect addresses. What this means is I will issue you an "" address, and then that address will be posted. Any mail sent to that address will then be forwarded to you without anyone knowing your real home address.
If you're interested, let me know and I'll run the rules past you before posting any changes, or adding the new address.

Just one more thing about the email addresses on the site. If you are going to copy down a link into your address book, be sure to swap back in the "@" symbol so that it will work for you. If you click on one here on the site, it will function normally without the need to swap anything.

If you are a Corvallis High graduate and have not registered with us, please do so in the alumni section. If for some reason a link doesn't work, it may be due to the alum not keeping us current. I only list the last known address so please keep us informed of any changes. And we'd love to hear from you - drop us an email with any comments or suggestions.

Just remember that it's you that helps to make this site work. If you don't pass along reunion info, and let your classmates know we're here, then this site won't help anyone.

So far we've had