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Notice related to documents and materials available on this web site.

The documents and materials on this web site are provided solely for non-commercial use, and specifically to help former classmates to contact, remain in touch with one another and locate reunion information. All materials contained herein are copyrighted and otherwise protected by law. Many documents contain email addresses which are the property of the alumni that registered them and are not for general use.

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Any alumni of Corvallis High School that registers their City, State, Email Address, Name and or Maiden Name with us, does so solely with the intent to contact former classmates and friends. Any other unsolicited contact, or "spamming' is unwanted and therefore prohibited. Reasonable means have been taken to assure that each alumni's Email address is protected from unwanted contact.

By registering with this site, each alumni gives permission to have his/her Email address posted. Should any unwanted contact occur as a direct result of this website, the alumni will release Steven Holmquist or his agents from any liability. Steps have also been taken to make sure that unwanted advertising has been removed from this site. Any link from this site to another site that contains advertising is not the responsibility of Steven Holmquist or his agents.

The Fine Print
Let's face facts. Tim and I built this site to help people stay in touch. Register with us or not, the choice is yours. If you do register, we will take all reasonable steps to secure your address from the spam mongers. But no script is perfect, and we can't guarantee that what we put in place yesterday, will continue to be secure tomorrow. But we will try to stay ahead of the curve.

We also put this site together due to the number of alumni sites that charge money just to let you drop a note to an old friend. We don't charge money now, and we won't charge money later. You made friends with them for free, why should we charge you money just to talk with your friends. We don't post ads, sell your information, or make any money on this site.

We don't whine about the cost of the site, or how much time it takes to keep it up. This site is a labor of love, and one that I do gladly. If you want to know the costs, it's $50 dollars a year. It's pocket change. So why would I need to beg you for money? Simply put I don't. If for some reason my costs do go up, I'll look into some other option for raising the extra money. Maybe I'll offer t-shirts with your class year printed on them. That way at least you'll be sure to get something for your buck. As for charging a membership fee? This site will remain as all alumni sites should be... FREE.

Removal Information
If for any reason you don't want us to list your name, email address, city, state, or comments, send us an email asking us to remove it. It's that easy.

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