Corvallis High design forum set

The Corvallis High School design committee will hold a community meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday (06/192002) in the high school cafeteria, 836 N.W. 11th St. The public is invited to attend and give input on the committee's work and comment on where the new building will be sited on the current campus.

Feedback on design criteria, learning outcomes and what is special and unique about CHS will be used to guide discussion in designing the structure.

This spring, the Corvallis School District launched a process to involve many community members in the design of the new Corvallis High School building. The committee, made up of more than 50 community members, staff, parents and students, is studying innovative high school design, developing an educational vision for high school students in the future and gathering and synthesizing input from community meetings, focus groups and individual interviews with community leaders. Working with the architects, the design committee will make recommendations to the superintendent about good school design. This process will help set the future direction for CHS through the building design recommendations.

The district hopes to build a dynamic and cost-effective facility to serve the needs of students and the community for many years to come. Last year, the Corvallis School Board decided to rebuild CHS because of significant maintenance and seismic safety issues. The cost to build a new high school is estimated to cost $46 million. The high school project will be part of a bond measure going to voters in November.

For more information, see the district's Web site at or call Cindy Dagesse at 766-4704.

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